The DINERS bike spent two years in the MotorStars: Celebrities + Motorcycles exhibit at the American Motorcycle Association’s Hall of Fame Museum in Ohio alongside bikes owned by Brad Pitt, Peter Fonda, Journey, Rush, and Foreigner. The DINERS bike is also featured in a 2-page spread in the companion coffee table book from the exhibit. 

       Garrison with actors Tom Arnold (left) and Perry King (center)  and stunt motorcyclist Gary Davis (right)

The DINERS TV show theme motorcycle was:

* Featured in the
2008 Star calendar  

* Top Finisher in the Big Twin Exhibit at the International Motorcycle Show at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Center.

* Feature story and centerfold in New York Rider magazine. 

* Special appearance at Easyriders V-Twin Bike Show Tour. 

* Story and photos in Motorcycle Cruiser   

* Feature story and photos in Crossroads Magazine. 

* Story and photos in V-Twin magazine.

* and featured in many more magazines, newspapers and bike shows.


Christopher Leykam
Industrial Designer and Creator of the Award-Winning Diners Bike Graphics

as well as his own line of custom one-piece chaps-on-jeans: